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I Want Everything To Be Perfect

Here are some Views of the Exhibition at Kunstklub Berlin.

299It is quite a nice space. 


Lisa/JeanThis is part of Lisa Herfeldts Work on Jean Seberg. Inside the childrens coffin is a display from one of her later films.jeanThen there was Jessica Halms Work ..jessiesThese are “Gestecke” and they are huge!

2301These are called the Duchess and the Countess, look closely!


The Inevitable: Virgin Trap.


These two met again. Did they actually meet before? Anyway, I like this hanging: Harlem next to (Jersey view of) Downtown Manhattan. Dangerzones..


Linus Bill

Linus Bill is a very talented young Photographer from Switzerland.

In August we met in Berlin to shoot a few Pictures of the Quilts.

The Women modelling the Quilts have to be mentioned too,

one is the amazing Rosy One ( www.dopepose.com ),

the other is my friend Kerstin, owner of the “Kandieshop”  in Hamburg-St Pauli.




My Quilts in De:Bug Magazine

De:Bug Magazine from Berlin wrote a short Article on my work.

Its a good read, thank you Jan&Jan


Life After Death / I Want Everything To Be Perfect Exhibition

Our show in Berlin is still on.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Opening 

(and excuse me for being grumpy that day)